Although our approach is therapeutic, we are not therapists and we cannot ‘fix’ your child.  Rather we are practical educators with strategies that can support your family learning.  We aim to help you, the parent, to understand your child better and to become more aware of how your own actions and interactions can be your child’s best therapy because they are done at home in love and safety with awareness and knowledge. We can  consult  online using ZOOM  after an initial home visit.  We can also provide access to the Safe&Sound Protocol. 

Workshops: We can offer 2 hour workshops on social engagement, DIR Floortime, playful learning and sensory open learning.  All we need is a minimum of 5 participants @ $50.00 plus travel.  

We live on Vancouver Island.

Home Visits

Home visits can be arranged within island travelling distance only.

1 hour $100 plus travel

Zoom Consultations

First online meeting is free as we determine your needs.

1 hour $100

Contact us for initial conversation

604-725-8195 |