Safe & Sound Families

specializing in those with non speaking and minimally speaking children

Our Safe & Sound Family program is based on new knowledge of the importance of our autonomic nervous system and the biology of safety.  This knowledge can help us to live well with our loved ones who may be diagnosed with autism. We believe social life begins at home. Loving relationships and playful learning can truly help children to develop their social engagement system and emerge as happier more social beings.

We want to help families come to better understand their child’s experience of the world and to develop a family plan for living that helps these great kids to  become great young people and great adults!  We presume the competence of non speaking people and the importance of supporting them to make choices and to communicate using whatever means we can to help them.  

What does this picture have to do with autism?

Smiling, eye contact and the high voice we use to speak with our pets is a cross-species example of the social engagement system in action. 

Many children with ASD do not feel comfortable with their social engagement.  New thinking about the biology of safety can help these kids to become more open to social living.

What if…? Autistic behaviours  arise from challenges  to  the vagus system. 

Dr. Stephen Porges,  when he developed his Polyvagal Theory twenty years ago,  proposed that  mammals have evolved a neural circuit that promotes social interactions in safe contexts which he has called the ‘social engagement system.”   Many indicators of autism suggest a compromise to the social engagement system.  Dr. Porges has  developed a listening intervention called the Safe & Sound Protocol that can support the development of the social engagement system.

You have been co-regulating with your child since he was born, even if your child has had difficulty with the social engagement system.

We believe social engagement begins in the home through loving engagement, playful learning and family committment.

We can also provide the Safe & Sound Protocol, the listening therapy developed by Dr. Porges, which is providing many children and adults with significant shifts in their social capacities. 

Are you looking for something beyond behaviour?

This new thinking  and research on autism and developmental challenges indicates metabolic inflammation can affect the brain and vagus system and can contribute to the symptoms that lead to diagnosis such as ADD,  ADHD and ASD. 


New protocols are emerging that provide families with hopeful strategies that some of the symptoms of these diagnosis can be lessened. For example, the Safe&Sound Protocol can help with acoustic hypersensitivity.

Our increased knowledge of neuroplasticity suggests that the body can also repair itself with environmental supports that encourage neural development.  All this can increase the quality of life for families.

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